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2013 Wisconsin Act 377 created a free permit for Implements of Husbandry (IoH) and Agricultural Commercial Motor Vehicles (Ag CMV) exceeding the new weight and length limits. Failure to carry the permit would result in a fine ~ $2,500 per violation after April 25th, 2015.

We understand that producers, city & county councils as well as law enforcement officials have limited time and plenty of urgent matters to attend to. Farmers prefer to spend time in improving production efficiencies to feed the people than navigating complex regulations, fillingout paper work and worrying about legal compliance& penalties.

Agropermits offers an efficient system to assess the permit requirements, apply for & receive necessary permits, and demonstrate compliance to law enforcement officials in a simple and cost effective manner.Our innovative methodology and Excel template simplifies the data collection process and helps you collect data 5 times quicker. We will auto populate 1000's of pages of application forms for you saving time, effort, and Money while eliminating human error component. Our algorithms understand complex IoH& AgCMV regulations and helps you avoid costly penalties by determining your no-fee permit requirements for each city, county, and state.


Townships and counties are not equipped with enough staff to scrutinize and approve IoH and Ag CMV permit applications. The problem is compounded by the fact that there is no fee associated with these permit applications to hire extra staff. Expected processing times for applications range from 3 to 6 weeks. AgroPermits offers an efficient and cost effective solution for Counties and Townships to these problems. Our system provides a fully electronic platform to perform all aspects of permitting process such as weighing of the equipment, applying for permits, processing & issuance of permits, and demonstrating compliance to law enforcement officials using our IoH smartphone app. This will save millions of pages of paper and helps with environmental sustainability.

Maintaining Authority Console (MAC) can be used by cities and counties to login, approve, and manage the permitting process easily. MAC prescreens 1000’s of the applications received and groups them in low, medium, and high risk categories based on excess weights above the allowed limits. Our algorithms incorporate your evaluation criteria in performing prescreening of applications. The Maintaining Authority (MA) can focus on reviewing high risk applications more thoroughly while quickly approving low and medium risk applications. Our google maps routing engine lets the Maintaining Authority suggest alternative routes to the applicants electronically. Cost savings are significant while the processing times would be cut to just 1 to 3 days from 3 to 6 weeks.

Permit applications submitted through our system will have the target fields identified on the map along with the routes so that the maintaining authority can easily suggest alternative routes by simply adjusting the routes on electronic google map. If a maintaining authority is not using our system then fields would not be identified on the map and suggesting alternative routes on the paper maps becomes a difficult and time consuming process.



Sign up for AgroPermits' service. Download the Excel template to enter your contact information and vehicle/equipment details such as length, gross weight, axle weights, and use frequency. Upload it back to our server and AgroPermits will analyze your information to assess and display the permit requirements.


Filling 100’s of permit application forms is no fun. We will pre-populate the application forms where a permit is required by city/county/state. We will send the verified applications to Maintaining Authority (MA) via e-mail if the MA is not utilizing AgroPermits system’s Maintaining Authority Console to approve and manage no fee permit applications!


AgroPermits smart phone app for Android and IOS will be available for download. When a law enforcement official stops one of your vehicles and asks for the required permit, the driver simply has to open the smartphone/tablet app and select his power unit and towing unit ids from the drop down. The required permit will be displayed immediately.


This Excel template is developed for easy data entry and offline use. UW-Madison's extension department is sending teams with portable scales to various areas to help measure weights and lengths. Feel free to download and use this template to capture the data. You will be able to import this data into out system and apply for and manage permits easily.

Please fill in your contact details below and click on “Download” button to save the Excel data input template to your computer!



Imagine being stopped on the road by a police officer then taking 15 to 30 minutes to search through a huge pile of permit papers. One must determine the current location and appropriate maintaining authority before they can pull up the correct permit. The chances of getting a citation from an irritated police officer would go up exponentially with passage of time. Some Maintaining Authorities are authorizing only some of the submitted routes. How would a driver know whether a road is part of an approved route for their operation?

The answer for this challenge is AgroPermits Smartphone App for Android and IOS. Besides making you look cool to a police officer, it will help display appropriate permits quickly while showing approved routes. Using this app, permits management becomes fully electronic and automatic. No more printing of 1000’s of pages of paper and organizing them in binders. Most importantly, the app will show “Approved Routes” along with the current GPS location of the vehicle on the map so that a driver can check before starting and take authorized route. This will prevent accidental travel on unauthorized roads and help you avoid costly (>$2,500) citations.


Use any GPS enabled smart phone or tablet to display permits to law enforcement officials quickly. The app will work on the road without an internet connection. However, you need to synch the app with the server at least once a year to download the copies of permits and approved routes.


Less than what it would cost if you do it manually!

Let’s think about the cost of obtaining a permit. You must weigh all the power and towing unit combinations. Using our system and data input template, you can complete this step 4 times quicker. One must assess where permits are required based on IoH, AgCMV, city, county, state, overweight, and excess length variables and regulations. Next, one needs to fill out and submit the application forms to the maintaining authority followed by printing and maintaining of applicable permits in the vehicles. It would take an educated staff person at least 30 to 45 minutes per permit to take care of this. On top of it, it is likely that you have 1 or 2 managers overseeing this project to ensure that everything was done as per the regulations. You also have to factor in the potential for human errors and opportunity costs for being not able to do something else more productive. Our smartphone app, which is part of the service, helps to keep the vehicles on approved routes and avoid costly citations.

Our goal is to deliver an efficient and cost effective solution to meet your compliance needs. We strongly believe that our service delivers an effective solution at a significantly lower cost. If you are representing a city/township, county, or state and interested in using our system for permitting process, please send an email to with your contact details and request for a quote.


Madhu Jamallamudi

Madhu is an Agribusiness leader with 16 years of Systems & Analytics experience in the global agricultural sector. He received a masters’ degree in Agribusiness from Texas A&M University and is the Founder and CEO of Agrometrics (the parent company of Agropermits), a global firm that provides analytics, research, and technology to the agriculture sector to improve profitability, productivity, and sustainability. Madhu is passionate about helping farmers and making a difference in the global agriculture sector through the application of latest technology and analytics.


We will be beta testing AgroPermits' System soon with select customers. Please send an email to to stay tuned with the updates about public launch.

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