Article on AgroPermits in “Badger Common’Tater” Magazine

AgroPermits’ Radio Interview with “The Farm Babe”

AgroPermits’ President, Mr. Madhu Jamallamudi being interviewed by the radio host dubbed as “The Voice of Wisconsin’s Agriculture”, Ms. Pam Jahnke on March 20, 2015.

It was a pleasure meeting such a wonderful lady filled with passion and energy. We believe that the radio is a better medium to reach out to the growers that are operating vehicles in the field. She pledged strong support for AgroPermits’ mission and is actively helping in reaching out to numerous grower organizations and stakeholders.

We will be working together in improving the public awareness of the challenges being faced by equipment operators, growers, cities, and DOT in dealing with new IoH and AgCMV regulations and the solution being offered by AgroPermits in simplifying the process for all the stakeholders. The interview will be aired on 17 radio stations in the state of Wisconsin.

AgroPermits’ Service Covered in WPVGA Newsletter

Collaboration with Wisconsin Department of Transportation

AgroPermits had a successful meeting with Ms. Kathleen Nichlos, Chief of Permits Section and four other key officials at Wisconsin Department of Transportation (DOT). We have discussed the challenges that are arising in executing new regulations both from the perspective of growers as well as maintaining authorities and discussed possible solutions. AgroPermits will be collaborating with DOT to enable them process IoH & AgCMV Permit applications faster with improved approval rate. AgroPermits will play a pivotal role in bringing DOT, Growers, Counties, and Cities together in an amicable way through its efficient and cost effective platform.

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